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I am an illustrator living and working in Antwerp, Belgium, that specializes in children's book illustration, but also editorial work and pattern design.

I can help you with illustrations for your magazine, children's book or picture book, illustrations for your birth or wedding stationery, botanical or animal-illustrations, or I could even design a custom wallpaper-design, if you please, but don't feel limited by this list.


My work is often inspired by nature, by the little wonders we see all around us in our childhood, and by my love of literature and reading.

I grew up as an only child amidst all the paper in my dad's printing shop, which also was my favorite playground, so I have countless memories of me drawing and imagining stories there, while the old letterpress machines were rumbling.

When I was five, I started taking drawing lessons at the art academy, and continued doing that until I was twenty-two and moved to Antwerp.

I got a masters degree in photography at the KHLim MAD-Faculty in Genk, Belgium, and although I love photography, illustration has probably always been the thing that defines me most.


If you want to contact me about a possible collaboration, or just want to say hi, don't hesitate to contact me. I always love hearing about your projects, and brainstorming about what kind of illustration would be the perfect fit to your needs. Even if what you are looking for isn't stated in the list I mentioned above, please feel free to contact me. I haven't listed everything I have done yet, and I always like to discuss your project.


Je kan me uiteraard ook contacteren in het Nederlands; dit is mijn moedertaal.

Vous pouvez aussi me contacter en Français.

Sie können mir auch auf Deutsch schreiben.


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