Live drawing for Cartoonbase

A while ago, I was commissioned by Cartoonbase to do a live-drawing during the opening-event of the new Gyproc factory. This meant having to draw on a huge canvas of Gyproc boards, on a stage, in front of about 300 people.

Normally this would be something that would scare me instantly: drawing in front of an audience, and not being able to correct the drawing with a gum or such either. But after a meeting with the nice people at Cartoonbase, I realized it wasn’t that scary as I thought in the beginning, and I decided to just go for it. And you know what; an unexpected thing happened while I was drawing at the event: I really enjoyed it!

So it is confirmed once again: it is good to leave your comfort-zone once in a while :-)

You can see some pictures of the live-drawing below.