card for the Boekenkaravaan to thank volunteers

A while ago, I was asked by the Boekenkaravaan to illustrate a card that was going to be sent as a thank you card to their volunteers. The Boekenkaravaan is an organisation that aims to show underpriviledged children how wonderful books and reading can be, knowing that better language skills and a broader horizon can improve those children's chances on a better future.

To reach this goal, the Boekenkaravaan works with a lot of volunteers that go read books to children, sometimes in playgrounds, but mostly at the children's own home on a regular basis, thus building a lasting relationship with those families. Often these weekly reading dates become something the children really look forward to, so it goes without say that these volunteers really do a great job and deserve a heartfelt thank you every once and a while!

kaartje vrijwilligers klein ig naam.jpg

When I was asked to make an illustration for this card, I wanted to make an illustration that would really resonate with the volunteers, and would make them feel appreciated indeed. I asked myself what their biggest motivation would be to keep giving their time and dedication to this initiative every week, and I figured that the main reason would be making those children happy, of course.
What would give them more satisfaction than looking up from the book they are reading, and seeing the happy or attentive faces of the children in front of them? So I drew just that.

I made a lot of sketches of children's faces, to make sure they looked etnically diverse without focusing on their skintone too much. When drawing children of diverse backgrounds, I feel it is important that the children can identify with the characters as individuals; I wouldn't want the characters to look as stereotypes. After I had sketched a group of characters I liked, I made some sketches to obtain a composition that worked, and started working on the final illustration with those elements.

Below you can see a little gif that shows how I built up the final illustration. As you see, I worked more or less color by color, to make sure the colors are balanced throughout the image and look harmonious.


After I finished the illustration, the Boekenkaravaan had cards printed, that were sent to their volunteers. By now the cards have surely all arrived. I heard there was enthousiastic feedback from the volunteers when they found the card in their mailboxes, which meant a lot to me. It is always great to hear that my work made someone's day just that little bit better!

The cards are being posted by the Boekenkaravaan. Photo by Eefje Raats.

The cards are being posted by the Boekenkaravaan. Photo by Eefje Raats.